Young People you will love this informative article “STDs Soar in New Jersey”


Half of all sexually active young in the state of New Jersey will encounter a sexually transmitted disease by age 25. Chlamydia, Syphilis and Gonorrhea rates have soared in the U.S.  If these STDs are left undiagnosed they can lead to infertility in young women.  It is currently estimated there are 37,000 people in the state of New Jersey carrying HIV.  One in eight of these people over the ages 24 and under age 24 one in two do not know they are carrying it.  Young Adults you need to stay sexually abstinent. It would not only help your health but also emotionally. Remember you can also be a secondary virgin if you already have had sex and make this big change in your life. 

College students, teens, if you are looking for encouragement on abstinence you will love this article:

Michelle Nkumsah a college senior at the University of Pittsburgh, made a pledge of abstinence when she was teenager and is keeping that pledge. Ms. Nkumsah was encouraged by Yvonne Orji who is also keeping her virginity. Yvonne Orji is a TV actress on HBO series “Insecure.” Yvonne Orji stated that she is staying abstinent on the New York radio show “The Breakfast Club” recently.  The article points out that according to a survey that was conducted in 20 universities across the country 24% of seniors in college are staying abstinent. In addition the survey found that 78% of college students who have had sex regret it and wish they would have waited. According the article:

·         “70% of TV shows portray some sexual content and 92% of popular music “


Ms. Nkumsah said by staying abstinent she feels free from physical and emotional damage and is able to focus on her studies. She has encountered with one person that he would not have a relationship with her because she is staying abstinent. Ms. Nkumsah said if someone is not into you because you are staying abstinent then he or she really does not care about you in the first place.  I agree with that.  Young people if you are staying abstinent you need to not only set boundaries but be upfront that you are abstinent.  Remember you are guarding your temple and you will find friends and your future spouse who is remaining abstinent just like you!

Young People, Parents and Abstinence Advocates, if you want to know the two greatest weapons against AIDS you will like this awesome article:

Bob Geldof, an Irish punk rock singer and a political activist said that the best way to combat AIDS is to be abstinent and have sexual fidelity in marriage on the 30th anniversary of the discovery of AIDS at a British Labor Party meeting. He also said that what the United Nations has done to fight AIDS has failed.  According to the article:

  • ·         Every day the HIV virus that develops into AIDS spreads to more than 7,000 people worldwide.  
  • ·         Kenya, Uganda, and Zimbabwe currently are using Abstinence Education and a fidelity within marriage platform to fight against HIV. 
  • ·         In Zimbabwe after abstinence and a fidelity within marriage platform was taught, that young men who made either the decision to be abstinent or be filial in marriage jumped by 23% and for young women by 49% depending on their life situation.

Remember teens it is never too late to pledge a life of sexual abstinence until marriage.  

Parents, teachers, and young adults if you are in interested an University Religious Institute study on abstinence you will like this knowledgeable article.


Across the state of Ohio during the 2014-2015 school year a Sexual Risk Avoidance (SRA) program was taught and continues to be today.  Ohio Adolescent Health Centers (OAHC) teaches the SRA program in middle and high schools starting from grade 7th to 12 grade. Currently there are 19 (OAHCs) across Ohio state.  The Abstinence study was carried out by the Baylor University Religious Institute and is located in Waco, Texas. Waco is a city located in the Eastern part of Texas.  At the end of the program according to a survey conducted by Baylor University Religious Institute there was 34% growth of the students pledging to stay abstinent.  This is awesome that there are many students in Ohio making healthy and self-esteemed boosting decisions. Remember teens it is never too late to pledge a life of sexual abstinence until marriage.  

Young Adults and Parents, if you want know the heart of the Sex Education Debate you will love this article:


The heart of the Sexual Education Debate is that Comprehensive Sex Education or Abstinence Education whether is more effective in helping teens to make healthy decisions.  According to this article Abstinence Education is more effective. Comprehensive Sex Education promotes condoms and the LGBT agenda.  The author also views that sex is sacred and should only be between married couples and is the best environment to raise children. I agree that Abstinence Education is what is effective in encouraging teens to make healthier and better emotionally self-esteemed decisions. Remember teens, sex is sacred! You need to guard your temple so be abstinent.