Parents and Young adults this article talks about current issues on Comprehensive Sex Education.


Comprehensive Sex Education is a pro-condom based curriculum that not only talks about puberty, but also about sexual orientation/identities. Sexual orientation teaches about Homosexuality, Transgender, LGBTQ, etc.  This curriculum is being pushed in many public schools around the U.S. without much parental involvement for older elementary through high school.  Comprehensive Sex Education is everywhere even in a Catholic School in Nashville, Tennessee.  One family had their son attending this Catholic High school. The parents found out Comprehensive Sex Ed. is being taught and is mandated did not want their son to participate in the curriculum. When the parents brought the issue before the principal they were kicked out of the school.  This is sad and nobody should be forced to hear Comprehensive Sex Education! My parents were able to opt me out of Comprehensive Sex Education out of my private school. I am outraged that the leftist Democrats are getting families everywhere.  The Obama and Clinton administrations both pushed for this curriculum. If sex education needs to be taught in schools it should be pro-abstinence and show graphic images about STDs and why condoms do not work period!