Young People, Parents and Abstinence Advocates, if you want to know the two greatest weapons against AIDS you will like this awesome article:

Bob Geldof, an Irish punk rock singer and a political activist said that the best way to combat AIDS is to be abstinent and have sexual fidelity in marriage on the 30th anniversary of the discovery of AIDS at a British Labor Party meeting. He also said that what the United Nations has done to fight AIDS has failed.  According to the article:

  • ·         Every day the HIV virus that develops into AIDS spreads to more than 7,000 people worldwide.  
  • ·         Kenya, Uganda, and Zimbabwe currently are using Abstinence Education and a fidelity within marriage platform to fight against HIV. 
  • ·         In Zimbabwe after abstinence and a fidelity within marriage platform was taught, that young men who made either the decision to be abstinent or be filial in marriage jumped by 23% and for young women by 49% depending on their life situation.

Remember teens it is never too late to pledge a life of sexual abstinence until marriage.