College students, teens, if you are looking for encouragement on abstinence you will love this article:

Michelle Nkumsah a college senior at the University of Pittsburgh, made a pledge of abstinence when she was teenager and is keeping that pledge. Ms. Nkumsah was encouraged by Yvonne Orji who is also keeping her virginity. Yvonne Orji is a TV actress on HBO series “Insecure.” Yvonne Orji stated that she is staying abstinent on the New York radio show “The Breakfast Club” recently.  The article points out that according to a survey that was conducted in 20 universities across the country 24% of seniors in college are staying abstinent. In addition the survey found that 78% of college students who have had sex regret it and wish they would have waited. According the article:

·         “70% of TV shows portray some sexual content and 92% of popular music “


Ms. Nkumsah said by staying abstinent she feels free from physical and emotional damage and is able to focus on her studies. She has encountered with one person that he would not have a relationship with her because she is staying abstinent. Ms. Nkumsah said if someone is not into you because you are staying abstinent then he or she really does not care about you in the first place.  I agree with that.  Young people if you are staying abstinent you need to not only set boundaries but be upfront that you are abstinent.  Remember you are guarding your temple and you will find friends and your future spouse who is remaining abstinent just like you!