Urban Life Training provides directive, abstinence-centered health education through our community network of trained parents and community leaders.

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  • School Relationship Intelligence Lecturers (Paid, part time)
  • School Leadership Club Leaders (Paid, part time)
  • Donations to support the program

If you are interested in being a Lecturer or Club Leader in Jefferson County West Virginia (see below for other locations), download this application and return it to Urban Life Training.

Here are the basic responsibilities of the positions:

School Relationship Intelligence Lecturer

Work part time, one day to several days a week, about 6 hours per day

Urban Life Training held three training seminars

March 18, 2017:  Relationship Intelligence Seminar March 18th, 2017

Urban Life Training Relationship Intelligence Seminar March 18, 2017

            What: Relationship Intelligence Training for Parents, Teachers, & Youth. Learn Abstinence-Centered Materials that you can teach via our online Web Portal.

July 15, 2017:  What is God’s Plan for Sex?  Urban Life Training Relationship Intelligence &
STAR Interfaith Leadership Training Seminar


What: Leadership Training for those who want to learn to teach Abstinence-Centered Materials that you can access via  our online Web Portal.

November 24 to 26 2017:  STAR Interfaith Leadership Training Conference


What:  Dr. Chanda Adkins of West Virginians for Health

Freedom spoke on Vaccine Choice

STAR Interfaith Leadership training examines the physical, intellectual, emotional and spiritual benefits of a lifestyle of sexual abstinence. It provides a clear Biblical worldview and teachable materials for those who want to practice abstinence and also assist others in doing the same.

Urban Life Training Launched the teacher web portal at teacher.urbanlifetraining.org in March, 2017.  Now anyone can access over 100 hours of teaching materials covering the physical, intellectual, emotional, spiritual and Biblical reasons why sexual abstinence before marriage is the best choice.
For just $25 per quarter any individual can subscribe to the teacher web portal and can have unlimited use of all of the materials.  For just $75 per quarter, schools, organizations and institutions subscribe.

Looking ahead to 2018.  We look forward to working with West Virginians for Helth Freedom to bring vaccine choice to West Virginia parents.  See Dr. Chanda Adkins excellent presentation here

Join Urban Life Training, many other vendors and hundreds of concerned citizens for West Virginia Health Freedom Day on January 15th, 2018 at the West Virginia State Capitol in Charleston, WV.

We look forward to bringing STAR Interfaith Leadership Training to your location.  If you have five or more attendees, we want to bring the training to your location.  Contact me, Richard Urban if you are interested.

Subscribe to the Urban Life Training Teacher Web Portal Here: http://www.urbanlifetraining.org/index.php/donate

Would you consider giving a year end donation to support our valuable work?  We are fighting for the well-being and successful future of our children and young adults.  You can make a one-time donation or subscribe to the Urban Life Training web portal herehttp://www.urbanlifetraining.org/index.php/donate



  Seventeen people attended the STAR Interfaith Leadership Training Conference held in historic Harpers Ferry West Virginia between November 24th, 2017 and November 26th, 2017.  

Dr. Chanda Adkins of West Virginians for Health Freedom spoke on Vaccine Choice for West Virginians by Zoom video conference on the 24th.  West Virginia is one of only three states that mandate vaccinations for school entrance without any exemptions for religious or conscientious reasons.  Our local state senator, Patricia Rucker, introduced a bill to overturn that in January, 2017, but it never got out of committee.  Urban Life Training will assist in helping to pass a bill overturning this mandate in 2018.  West Virginians for Health Freedom is sponsoring Health Freedom Day at the state capitol in Charleston on January 15, 2018.  Urban Life Training will be a vendor and we will lobby for restoring health freedom to West Virginians.

Urban Life Training New Web Portal Launched on March 18th, 2017

Report on the Urban Life Training Relationship Intelligence Seminar

By Sarah Urban

The purpose of the Relationship Intelligence Training Seminar was to empower attendees with teaching materials that promote healthy relationships and the benefits of abstaining from sex before marriage.  All of the materials were taught from the new Urban Life Training online web portal.
   The online web portal includes an updated Relationship Intelligence PowerPoint slide presentation, Peer Counseling Techniques, Students or STAR Guides peer counseling testimony videos and True Family Values PowerPoint slide presentations on a New View of Fall of the Man. Relationship Intelligence PowerPoint slide presentation written by Richard Panzer that informs teens, parents,  and educators, about AIDS, STDs, the effectiveness (or not) of condoms, what are the emotional risks when comes to teen sex and why teens should be abstinent until marriage. The names of the Relationship Intelligence PowerPoint slide presentations that are included in the Urban Life Training online web portal are Protecting Your Future and Maturing your Love. The Peer Counseling presentations are Resisting Peer Pressure and Learning Assertive Skills.  The Peer Counseling videos include Why Wait: Classroom Peer Counseling, STAR Guide Testimonies, and Youth Forum III videos and discussion. STAR stands for Students Teaching Abstinence and Responsibility.  Several local youth leaders attended the training.  They plan to use the online web portal in their own youth groups.

       Click Here to go to the Urban Life Training Web Portal sign up page and to become an affiliate or a chapter to teach these materials to teens, or college students, anytime, anywhere on iPad, tablet, computer, etc:


Quotes from the participants Rakiya and Ongel at the Urban Life Training Seminar

I definitely loved the discussion questions for kids and how you could get their perspective. I also really loved the spiritual based information. Definitely great material. Quote from Rakiya former School Without Walls Urban Life Training Club Member.


The Relationship Intelligence training was done orderly and exceptionally well. The videos and materials were very informative which made the training more understandable and encourage engagement between trainees. I would encourage people who have a passion for helping other overcome sexual promiscuity to seek out Mr. Urban for training session. In addition,  if you want help make a difference in young people's lives by showing them the importance of a living healthier lifestyle (drug free, alcohol free and being abstinent until marriage) then the materials from Urban Life Training Relationship  Intelligence  class will help you to do so with confidence and with knowledge. Quote from Ongel former STAR Guide of Urban Life Training.

Celebration of Purity caps 10 week STAR Interfaith Leadership Training Program

Five parents half a dozen youth and a dozen friends and relatives celebrated the successful completion of STAR Interfaith Leadership training by participating youths.  The ten week leadership training program concluded with a Celebration of Purity on April 17th, 2013 at the Emergence Community Arts Collective in Northwest Washington, DC.
The purpose of STAR Interfaith Leadership training is to raise youth to be leaders who are confident in their decision to remain sexually abstinent before marriage.  STAR Guide Francoise Ngue commented “What I like about the program is that God is for it.  You cannot go wrong if it’s God's will.  When you are not married you belong to God.  When you are married you belong to your spouse.  It goes with God's will.  I like the ring exchange.  When you wear it, it is a constant reminder that you cannot just go ahead.  I wish you had more kids participating.” (Register Now).  Youth learn about risk avoidance, goal setting, HIV prevention, and preparing for successful family life.  Assertiveness techniques are modeled and practiced.  Participants also get a basic understanding of spiritual growth, a deeper understanding of the Fall of Man, and insight into living a meaningful life.

One unique aspect of the program is that parents are invited to attend with their children.  All of the parents participated at times, and some came virtually every week, offering a unique opportunity to deepen the parent child bond.   Parents read a letter to their child at the celebration of purity.  Lisa Cruel-Medley shared in her letter to 16 year old Alexis, “Always be a leader and not a follower.  Peer pressure can be tough, but stay strong. “Teresa Price read to her sons Alan, age 18 and Amir, age 15, “I pray that you will focus on knowing yourselves and God and become the leaders that you were born to be, with good character. I pray that you continue your search for the truth and understand that through this message that we’ve had over the past 10 weeks to understand the holiness of sex and real relationships, and not what the secular world is teaching through film, music and advertising, etc.”  Monica Utsey shared in her letter to Zion “I pray that you will find a good wife, and that your marriage will glorify God.”  I want you to experience the joy of being excited about your first child as opposed to feeling sorrow that you have disappointed your parents.”


STAR Guide Francoise Ngue shared in her testimony; “[When] I was 19 years old I met the man of my dreams.  I mean, he was just perfect, charming.  And that’s the first time I was really, really tested.   So I prayed.  He gave me an ultimatum.  Hey, we can’t be together if we don’t have sex.  So, I’ll give you up by the end of the week if you don’t do that.”  She prayed and opened her Bible and challenged God to “show me right here right now where you don’t want me to have sex with this man” She opened her bible to First Corinthians Chapter 1, versus 5 and 6.  “I called that man and said ‘sex is supposed to be inside of marriage’.  He said “well we can do that and get married later.  I was wise enough to say, well, we cannot go sin first and go ask God’s blessing later, so let’s go ask God’s blessing first, and then it’s not going to be a sin.”  She concluded with “What you have to do for God, do it well, with tears, because your blessing depends on it.”

The celebration concluded with the Urban Life Training pledge and a Ginger ale Toast.  If you or your child would like to benefit from this program, you can register now for the next ten week session beginning on September 29th, 2013.  Register now and save 20% off the regular.