Evaluation excerpts from youth participating in the HIPREP program


Grade 8 female, attended 13 sessions:

I walked into this program thinking it could teach me nothing I didn’t already know.  This program has taught me things beyond my grasp of knowledge when it comes to relationships and abstinence.  Coming into my teenage years, I feel I’ve been taught what to watch out for and the important “do’s and don’ts”. 


Grade 9 female, attended 13 sessions:

I feel as though this program has taught me to be a better person and better prepared for pressures on sex and etc.  It has helped me to understand why you should wait.


Grade 10 male, attended 5 sessions:


I think that this information was very helpful to me because I didn’t understand what abstinence really does.


9th grade female, attended 12 sessions:


(The program) helped me to find more about myself that I never knew before, and it gives me a chance to actually learn the concept of sexually transmitted diseases, AIDS/HIV so I can know what to keep away from.   I never thought that I would learn or know this much about abstinence before.  …. I can focus more on my schoolwork as opposed to focusing on boys or females that are in my perspective that have had… sexual intercourse and I learned that I can manage to  stay focused as opposed to feeding into that type of lifestyle.



11th grade female, attended 10 sessions:


I would tell (other teens) that abstinence doesn’t suck, and  you won’t be left out of anything, and just because everybody’s doing it.. and going out and doing things like having sex and drugs and alcohol … you don’t have to do it, you can be your own person and you will feel good about yourself in the end.