Urban Life Training held three training seminars

March 18, 2017:  Relationship Intelligence Seminar March 18th, 2017

Urban Life Training Relationship Intelligence Seminar March 18, 2017

            What: Relationship Intelligence Training for Parents, Teachers, & Youth. Learn Abstinence-Centered Materials that you can teach via our online Web Portal.

July 15, 2017:  What is God’s Plan for Sex?  Urban Life Training Relationship Intelligence &
STAR Interfaith Leadership Training Seminar


What: Leadership Training for those who want to learn to teach Abstinence-Centered Materials that you can access via  our online Web Portal.

November 24 to 26 2017:  STAR Interfaith Leadership Training Conference


What:  Dr. Chanda Adkins of West Virginians for Health

Freedom spoke on Vaccine Choice

STAR Interfaith Leadership training examines the physical, intellectual, emotional and spiritual benefits of a lifestyle of sexual abstinence. It provides a clear Biblical worldview and teachable materials for those who want to practice abstinence and also assist others in doing the same.

Urban Life Training Launched the teacher web portal at teacher.urbanlifetraining.org in March, 2017.  Now anyone can access over 100 hours of teaching materials covering the physical, intellectual, emotional, spiritual and Biblical reasons why sexual abstinence before marriage is the best choice.
For just $25 per quarter any individual can subscribe to the teacher web portal and can have unlimited use of all of the materials.  For just $75 per quarter, schools, organizations and institutions subscribe.

Looking ahead to 2018.  We look forward to working with West Virginians for Helth Freedom to bring vaccine choice to West Virginia parents.  See Dr. Chanda Adkins excellent presentation here

Join Urban Life Training, many other vendors and hundreds of concerned citizens for West Virginia Health Freedom Day on January 15th, 2018 at the West Virginia State Capitol in Charleston, WV.

We look forward to bringing STAR Interfaith Leadership Training to your location.  If you have five or more attendees, we want to bring the training to your location.  Contact me, Richard Urban if you are interested.

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