The Author of this article traveled around the country of Uganda to schools that were teaching abstinence education as the main part of the schools sex education curriculum. Through his experience he learned that, if younger children asked about sex their question should be answered by their parents, according to what was appropriate to their age.  If I was parent of five year old I would say sex is what happens when a man and a woman love each other in order to have babies. Men and Women should of course wait to have sex until marriage.   Not all cartoons, music, picture books, or another form of media are good for children. Some cartoons and other forms of media encourage sex.  In these schools that the author went to their abstinence education curriculum starts at 11 years old. The abstinence education also continues into high school. One of the girls at these schools in Uganda asked the author “Is it true if you wash your vagina with Mirinda Fruity or Coca-Cola you don’t get pregnant?”  Mirinda Fruity is a fruit soda. The author said “no and you can get pregnant if you have sex.  Condoms fail to prevent pregnancy twenty-three percent of the time between teen couples. Parents should encourage their pre-teen/teenager to be abstinent from sex until marriage. Remember even if you didn’t it doesn’t mean your teenager cannot stay abstinent from sex until marriage.


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Tierra Shanise Glymph, 9th Grade

March 4, 2007

Ultra Teen Choice Essay

“Abstinence Better for Unmarried Persons”

In today’s climate where HIV is rampant, values are distorted and respect is lacking, abstinence until marriage is better for unmarried persons.  I believe abstinence is better for unmarried persons because intimate relationships have consequences.  People who are considering sex and intimacy must remember that every action has a reaction and a consequence.  Males and females that remain abstinent until marriage are sending a clear message that they want to be respected and that they have respect for themselves and others.  They are also showing that they choose “life”.
I believe in Ultra Teen Choice and abstinence because statistics have shown that young people who indulge in sexual activities too early and before marriage are often more predisposed or receptive to other problems and negative behaviors.  These teens, for example, often become involved with drugs and alcohol.  As they indulge in these negative behaviors, they end up having poor self-esteem and very little respect for themselves and others.  Their negative behaviors often lead to poor school attendance, inability to concentrate, declining grades and depression.  In some cases, many become high school dropouts.  In addition to declining academically, their social skills also decline as they lack respect for themselves and others – including parents and friends.   
Teens that indulge in sexual activities too early are also more at risk to acquiring sexually transmitted diseases such as Chlamydia, gonorrhea, syphilis, and even HIV.  They are often more at risk because they are not aware of protections that are available.  HIV affects millions of men, women and children worldwide.  HIV has no respect for gender, color, income, or even sexual preference, meaning that the disease that was once considered “the gay disease” is now rampant and affecting everyone.  
Teens who are sexually active too early often become victims of circumstances because they are unprepared to cope with serious relationships and their consequences.  One of these consequences is teen pregnancy.  Yearly, hundreds of babies are born to unmarried teens that either do not want children or are unprepared to become parents.  
Surveys have shown that in the same manner that adults are affected by drug and alcohol abuse, teens are also affected.  Many of these negative behaviors often accompany people that are sexually active too early.  According to a CDC and Prevention Survey, 25% of 9th graders reported binge drinking (defined as having five or more drinks on one occasion); 40% of ninth grade students reported having consumed alcohol before they were age 13; 26.2% of 9th graders reported having smoked cigarettes and 11.6% reported having used marijuana before age 13.  The key is that many of these behaviors tend to follow teens that are sexually active too early and not abstinent until marriage.
Serious relationships require a level of maturity and commitment, and marriage    is an expression of this commitment.  Between the ages of 12 and 18 years of age, are we really prepared for these types of relationships?  Shouldn’t we instead be more focused on finishing high school and college?  Some people think that this type of thinking is only for geeks.  But, I assure you that college in one of the pathways to success.
Teens who are sexually active too early often become victims of depression because they are once again unprepared to cope with serious relationships.  According the American Counseling Association, 30% of teens suffer from depression.  This depression often leads to low self esteem, low school attendance, and poor grades and suicide.
As young women, we are often degraded verbally and not taken seriously by our male counterparts, many of whom view their girlfriends like trophies that they place on shelves to gather dusk.  As young women, we must insist on being taken seriously.
By being abstinent until marriage, we are sending a clear message that we
(1) have a choice; (2) we choose “life”; (3) we want to be respected; (4) we want to be taken seriously; (5) we care enough about our bodies not t not to share it with any and everybody that comes along; and (6) we want to follow God’s plan.
            As my mother would try to talk with me about sexuality issues, I would often say “TMI” or “Too much information.”   But, then I realized that this is reality and that we need to be aware of ourselves and our environment.    By learning about my environment, I am able to make the choice of abstinence.
By being abstinent, we are telling our male counterparts and the world that we want to be respected and not be referred to by the “h” word (hoe) or “b”***** word.  Each and every one of us is important!  By waiting until marriage, we are committing ourselves to the special person that we care about and who cares about us. By waiting until marriage, we are choosing “life”, a life in which exposure to HIV and other sexually transmitted diseases are minimized.  Abstinence until marriage is important!

“Is Sexual Abstinence Better for Unmarried Persons?”
By: Charise Hughes, 11th Grade

                        Sexual Abstinence is a very controversial topic; Sexual Abstinence is the practice of voluntarily refraining  from all forms of sexual and drug  Activity . Sexual   abstinence in my opinion is better for unmarried persons because it is simply a decision that is made to become mentally and physically pure. I also feel that when you are single and  abstinent there is so much pressure released from your mind and spirit. Being abstinent is an issue in our country between and among the wed and the  unwed, being abstinent is a decision that should be made based on religious beliefs as well  as  your intuition. Sexual  abstinence is better for  unmarried people because being in love is such a beautiful thing and sometimes people believe that sex is love and in my opinion that’s not the case. Sex can hurt us in so many ways, Sex can damage you mentally and physically and although some of us know that we still choose the other path. Sexual abstinence may be better for   unmarried people because if you aren’t married and you are being sexually active, it is inappropriate because it’s not of God and it ' s against the bible. I also feel that abstinence is   good for married people also; I think it’s a way to find out that a person is your true companion and it ' s also a way to make sure that  are living up to your vows.  Sexual Abstinence in this country is not very effective for  married or   unmarried people but I  feel that it is necessary because it helps to prevent STD exposure,   pregnancy, and other bodily harm;   it also saves you from risk of mental danger such as depression and  thoughts of suicide. I 100% agree with sexual abstinence being more effective for unmarried people because you aren’t tied down and you can think for   yourself without a companion trying to force you to do something that you don’t agree with. Being unmarried leaves you open to many opportunities with people of the opposite sex that you may potentially like and you don’t have to feel under as much pressure to make a decision and when you are by yourself most of the time you will ultimately make the right decision for your self . American people are very, very fortunate because  through out   history   in many countries having sex before marriage was  morally wrong because of their strong religious views .    Many people were stoned to death if pregnant who were not  already married but in today’s society there is nothing that the law can do because it’s a fee country and America also doesn’t have a national religion. Being abstinent for anyone is a beautiful thing and a decision that unmarried people should be pushed to make because if you are not married having sex one time can change the rest of your life, and I don’t mean for good if it is continually done. Abstinence is also good for unmarried people who have already had sex ; they can turn to secondary virginity,  they can stop where they are and give it all up and become pure, saving  their body until marriage. Life is too  short not to be abstinent because when you are out getting a  two  minute thrill in that  two  minutes you can have Syphilis, HIV or any other disease that is out here because none of us are exempt from theses life changing diseases. In conclusion I would like to infer that I agree with abstinence in all forms that it comes in.

By Raquel Reed

            For me personally I do think being abstinent is better for unmarried people. People who are married commit themselves to one person that they believe they will be able to love and trust. People that aren’t married shouldn’t have sexual relationships because they don’t know what cold or might happen. There is no guarantee that they won’t get pregnant or HIV, even if it is protected. If one of those things do happen they could be in a predicament that they probably couldn’t handle and it could mess up their life. When you have those kinds of relationships you have to be ready for anything. To be ready you have to be with someone you trust and know won’t let you down. Usually people who are completely sure of that are married. Also having a sexual relationship is an expression of love. If you don’t really love the person you are engaging in the relationship with, you should not be in it at all. If you do really love them then you should get married to them, share your love, and have a family. 
By being abstinent until you are in a committed marriage you are saving yourself for someone that is special and feels the same way about you as you do about them. Also if you remain abstinent until the day of your marriage you are having respect for yourself. You aren’t letting anyone misuse your body or take advantage of it. God made people to have that kind of relationship at a special time in our lives. That special time is after you are married. Marriage is very important. You should remain pure and clean until the day you are united with another person. Then after that it is right to have sexual relationships with your spouse. If you are not ready for the commitment of marriage then you are no where near ready to be in sexual relationships.