Mary Carew
Grade 8

Prevention Is Better Than Cure

It seems like everybody is having sex. Some people feel they have to do it just to be accepted . Is sexual abstinence better for unmarried persons? That is the question asked . In my opinion I truly believe that a woman’s body is her temple. This is true not only for women but also for men as well. Now a days people feel that having sex can only affect a women because it shows on her natural appearance and not on a man. What they fail to realize is that the man has as much responsibility as the woman does . If young people at the age of 13 through 21 make up their minds that they are going to stay sexually abstinent and that they are also going to succeed in life then it is up to them to prevent any unnecessary obstacles that might prevent them from being successful .Like what things you ask? First of all like having sex , and living with a responsibility that you  can not handle.
 I have already said that  I believing that a women’s body is her temple I also believe that if you put your mind to something you can succeed. I think that it is better for a woman to get educated first so when a guy leaves her she will have something to fall back on . Teens today think that birth control and condoms are 100% effective but that is not true. Condoms and birth control are only 50% effective . The only true way to stay abstinent  is to be sex free. Yes abstinence is the only 100% sure way to prevent pregnancy. When you are not having sex there is no way for a sperm to fertilize an egg. Staying abstinent not only protects teen girls but also teen boys from STDS. Some STDS spread through oral -genital sex , anal sex or even intimate skin -to -skin contact without actual penetration . Half of the teens only want to have sex because of peer pressure and things seen on TV and in the movies. All I am saying is Guard your sex diamond and stay sex free . Don’t rush to do something you can’t handle at this age.