The Consequences of Teen Sex

Objective:  to help students understand the consequences of teen sex.

Materials:  6 sheets of flip chart or poster paper
                6 markers
                 (for added object lesson effect) 1 goldfish in a fish bowl and 1 net

1.  Write the following words (one word per sheet) on the paper:  

2.  Divide the youth into 6 equally sized groups

3.  Assign one of the 6 pages to each group of youth

4.  Ask the group to brainstorm for about 30 seconds on the consequences of teen sex that pertain to the word on their page( physical, intellectual, emotional, social, spiritual, financial).  Have one designated recorder for the group write the consequences on the paper.

5.  Rotate the papers in a clockwise direction so that each of the six groups has a new word to brainstorm.

6.  Repeat the process until each group has had a chance to brainstorm and record consequences for all 6 consequence words.  Ask the youth to place the papers in the front of the room as a pyramid, with 3 sheets on the bottom, 2 in he middle and 1 on the top.

7.  Review what is written on each page with the youth.  

8.  If you have a fish, reach into the bowl with the net, pull the goldfish out and place it on one of the pages.  The fish will immediately begin flopping around on the pages.  Students will immediately want you to put the fish back in its bowl.

9.  As you put the fish back, ask the class, "How is this fish bowl to the fish like marriage is to sex".  Use this opportunity to point out that boundaries provide freedom, safety and comfort.  They are not dill;  they are healthy.

10.  Acknowledge that some students may be sexually active, and give them an opportunity to commit themselves to "secondary virginity" from this day forward.

This activity is part of the WAIT training curriculum. For more information about WAIT Training, call 720-488-8888.