“What would you tell your future children about the value of abstinence before marriage?’ “Abstinence makes the heart grow fonder for someone else,” (Thinkexist.com). In the 21st century, abstinence has become a practice of which many people view as outdated. Today’s society is filled with a fixation that sex is a natural standard that is completely okay anytime in life no matter what age you may be. Abstinence is the key to appreciate the love between a man and a woman. In the future, I look forward to starting a family of my own. It is important to me to let my children know that no matter what values society may have at the time, the most vital information they can have is the knowledge of how much a life of abstinence before marriages can truly have on a person. Throughout my life, I have always known that I want to live with complete abstinence and purity. However, I have not always understood the importance of living in this manner. As I have grown older and more mature, I have also gained more significant information. God is truly a great and loving father. He desires a pure and simple path for each of His children, a path of abstinence. I want my children to know that, though living a life of complete abstinence may be difficult, it provides such an incredible future for your own self. It takes time and patience, yet the rewards of waiting for that one special person are so great. I believe that the love between man and woman, whom have both remained abstinent until their own marriage together, holds such an immense power that those surrounding them feel their passion and their heart. God, too, can feel their love for one another as well as the love that they hold for Him. A life of abstinence is very difficult to lead with the corrupt culture our nation and our world is in presently. But in order to change this standard, the world needs leaders; the world needs demonstrators. When people can see how well a man and woman can unite together after living with purity, it will be as if a light bulb has turned on in their head. They will want the same unity with their spouse; they will envy and desire the love between this man and woman. It is time that God’s children listen up to hear their father calling to them; to hear that each and every person is meant for only one other. Those who live a life of abstinence need to take a stand. It is our time now to stop following and become the leaders that our Father needs in this world today! I feel this with all my heart and for my children to understand the love that God has for each of them and for all of his children, I believe they can understand why abstinence is such a valuable component of life. In the future when I get married, I am looking forward to marrying a man who has also lived a life of abstinence. Looking ahead in my life is scary in a sense. But if both he and I have lived our lives with this value, we will be able to grow together and feel true love for each other as well as the love from God. Living a life of purity has allowed me to save my heart and my love for this man. I can give him all my love without holding back, which is exactly what God desires for each of his children. To abstain from sex before marriage allows a person to give their whole heart and, really, their whole lives to this one person. The most precious information I can share with my future children is that abstinence allows you to feel the utmost love for your one significant other and at the same time you can give an immense amount of love to God!

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