By Raquel Reed

            For me personally I do think being abstinent is better for unmarried people. People who are married commit themselves to one person that they believe they will be able to love and trust. People that aren’t married shouldn’t have sexual relationships because they don’t know what cold or might happen. There is no guarantee that they won’t get pregnant or HIV, even if it is protected. If one of those things do happen they could be in a predicament that they probably couldn’t handle and it could mess up their life. When you have those kinds of relationships you have to be ready for anything. To be ready you have to be with someone you trust and know won’t let you down. Usually people who are completely sure of that are married. Also having a sexual relationship is an expression of love. If you don’t really love the person you are engaging in the relationship with, you should not be in it at all. If you do really love them then you should get married to them, share your love, and have a family. 
By being abstinent until you are in a committed marriage you are saving yourself for someone that is special and feels the same way about you as you do about them. Also if you remain abstinent until the day of your marriage you are having respect for yourself. You aren’t letting anyone misuse your body or take advantage of it. God made people to have that kind of relationship at a special time in our lives. That special time is after you are married. Marriage is very important. You should remain pure and clean until the day you are united with another person. Then after that it is right to have sexual relationships with your spouse. If you are not ready for the commitment of marriage then you are no where near ready to be in sexual relationships.