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Bill Gates has basically bought the World Health Organization which actually is an agency of the United Nations. Bill Gates is a supporter of Planned Parenthood, of abortion. He’s a supporter of depopulation, reducing population. He says that the reason he wants everyone vaccinated, especially in poor countries, is, all the children vaccinated, is so that by increasing child health, then mothers will be more confident in their children living, and therefore they’ll have less children. Does that make sense?

I don’t think that’s actually a proven theory, it’s certainly debatable. So it’s on the edge of saying basically that he wants to kill the children.

Now, I know some people are going to jump up down and say, ‘Bill Gates didn’t say that’. But put these pieces of information together, Bill Gates is on record as telling President Trump, that he should not investigate vaccine safety and he even mentions Robert Kennedy Jr, in that video clip. Therefore he doesn’t want vaccine safety investigated.

And if you’ve listened to my show, you know that vaccines have never been shown to be more safe than detrimental and that the DTP vaccine, used throughout the developing world and paid for by Mr. Gates Foundation, kills thousands of children. So put these two together. He wants vaccinate every child, he doesn’t want to investigate vaccine safety, he has a controversial, if not strange belief, that somehow reducing, decreasing child mortality will make more women wanna have less children in the developing world. That’s not, I think, a widely accepted phenomenon. Anyway, you can see that Mr. Gates is not a godly man, since he is for abortion and depopulating the world, and also for using vaccines that kill people.

Now I know he didn’t say directly, he wanted to kill children with vaccines, but we have to assume that Mr. Gates, as wise as he is, should have read these studies that came out in 2003, they clearly told that the vaccines that he is selling, or rather paying for, kill children. And you know what, he doesn’t give a hoot about that.

So, now we’re getting a better picture of what is behind this current crisis.

You could almost say it’s Mr. Gates, but it’s not only Mr. Gates, although he’s a huge factor, but Mr. Gates in collusion with bought off universities, bought off professors and bought off government officials and departments, including Mr. Fauci. This is extremely dangerous. As President Eisenhower warned us, 50 years ago in his farewell address, that there should not be an unholy alliance between big government, government giving big grants to science and influencing science, and on the other hand, which is happening, too, they give huge money, and it’s very pro-vaccine and pro Big Pharma. And then on the other hand you have elites like Mr. Gates giving big money, the other way and pushing the agenda.

So, it’s going both ways. And they’re both extremely dangerous. And even the spiritual health of our nation that was even mentioned by President Eisenhower.

So we are in a spiritual crisis, as I mentioned in the first installment. Mr. President, opened the country now! Governor Justice, here in West Virginia, Open the state now! Mr. Gates is a criminal, in the sense that he’s pushing an agenda without scientific data. If he is so concerned about children, why doesn’t he want safety studies for vaccines? I assure you, he is not concerned about children.

What about his plans to virtually force vaccinate everybody; have digital certificates, telling if you’re vaccinated or not; have the country shut down?

Well, it won’t affect Mr. Gates too much. Did you see his timeline there? He’s saying repeatedly, and right in that video that… Oh, maybe we could re-open in June. Well, hello! That’s three months from now. Maybe; partially.

And he’s got this scenario, like that. That is insane. Stop! No one should listen to this man, but yet he’s buying off all these organizations, buying them off, killing children literally, by promoting vaccines that are known to be harmful.

Yes, literally killing children. He is a liar. Liar liar, And he’s definitely on record for depopulation, and he pays for vaccines that knowingly kill children. And its been clearly recorded at least for one vaccine, and the others it hasn’t been recorded as much because they never do any safety studies, go figure. But for one, the DTP, it’s clearly recorded in Guinea Bissau and other countries, that it has killed thousands of children. And the malaria trials are now killing thousands of children. Do you hear Mr. Gates jumping up and down about that? No, he’s for depopulation. It’s quite okay in his viewpoint.