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The risk of getting measles is greatly exaggerated; there were only about 324 deaths per year in the entire US, historically.

The actual rate of death is one in 10,000, not one in 1000, historically. The CDC chart is misleading and dishonest. The CDC rate is based on those hospitalized, but 10 times to 15 times more are never hospitalized and recover.

The actual rate of hospitalization, historically, is about 1.5%, not 20%

Do we see a familiar game plan here?  Scare the heck out of people.

Measles deaths declined dramatically before the introduction of vaccines.

Adverse reactions are greatly understated:  MMR adverse reactions according to the VAERS database are

3163-31,630 Serious adverse reactions per year, depending on a range of 10 times to 100 times under reporting, although Dr. Toni Bark has stated, as a doctor, that the real rate is more like under reporting of 1000 times!

Additionally, the MMR vaccine causes at least146-1460 Deaths per year, and in reality, probably many more.

The MMR (Measles, Mumps, Rubella) vaccine may cause autism in some children, as admitted by the CDC director in the Hannah Polling case.

With the advent of the MMR vaccine, more older people are getting measles. The average age of those involved in the Disneyland outbreak was 22 years. It is true that measles is more dangerous when you contract it at an older age. More people are contracting measles at an older age because the effectiveness of the MMR vaccine wanes over time.

Does this scenario sound familiar?

The CDC says the is immunity for life, but in reality it is for no more than 10 years

The California, New York and Washington State Game Plans

California:  After Disney outbreak in Dec 2014 to Feb 2015
62% had been vaccinated of those that could be.  12 were infants too young to be vaccinated (< 1 yr.)
Religious and personal exemptions were stripped in California on July 1, 2016. 71% of the Disneyland outbreak cases were either vaccinated or were too young to be vaccinated.

New York:  After the 2018 to 2019 outbreak with a claimed 800 confirmed, but not verified, religious exemptions were stripped in one day effective June 13, 2019.

Washington State: After a 2019 outbreak of Measles, personal exemptions for the MMR vaccine were stripped in Washington state on July 28, 2019.

Parallels to COVID-19

The tactics used for the measles outbreak are the same ones being used for the COVID-19 situation. These are; fear mongering, scaring people with inaccurate data, such as the CDC measles brochure. The brochure says 20% are hospitalized, instead of the historic 1.5%

Additionally wrong death statistics are used. The brochure says the rate is 1/1000 instead of 1/10000.

Also, measles is more dangerous in adults, just like the SARSCoV2 virus that causes COVID-19 disease.

The death rate in both cases is greatly exaggerated.

The CDC greatly understates the possible adverse reactions from the MMR vaccine. In fact, in the brochure, no mention is made at all of adverse reactions!

Dr. Alan Melnick, director of public health for Clark County said in an interview with NPR

One message is that this disease is horrible. We need to protect our children. And … regardless of what you hear on some of the social media sites, the vaccine is safe, effective, and it’s inexpensive.

Besides [thinking of the safety of] yourself and your children, we need to think about protecting those around … us who might not be able to get the vaccine, like infants who are too young or people with severe immunosuppression.

Immunize your children not just to protect them, but to protect anyone they might come in contact with. Already in Clark County, we’ve had to give immunoglobulin to a number of infants too young to get vaccinated who were exposed. We’re hoping the immunoglobulin works. It’s not the first choice, but it’s the only thing we have for those infants.

So, Dr. Clark wants to strip away freedoms in the guise of helping the “vulnerable”, but in reality, many more are killed or injured by the solution than by the original problem. 

And, again, God-given freedoms have been stripped away.