College Students, Parents, if you want to know what Abstinence groups advocated for this past Valentine’s Day, you will only love this article but also the posters.


Valentine’s Day is usually viewed around the college campuses as one thing, sex.  But this year and over the past decade Love & Fidelity Network (LFN) sponsored college groups around campuses nationwide to Be Unexpected. The posters encourages students not only to be abstinent, to not get caught up in the media, and to build better relationships with your friends and parents.  In the press release they suggest you also ask your grandparents, parents or other married couples you are close to about how they met. College students we need to be abstinent, find good friends, and look to better role models then the media so you can be successful in life. If you are single or have boyfriend or girlfriend be abstinent so you can be wonderful parents and have love & fidelity in marriage. Remember students it is never too late to pledge a life of sexual abstinence until marriage.