Mayor Fenty and Chancellor Michelle Rhee have decided to eliminate youth programs from DC Public Schools and from the community based on agendas that are not in the best interest of youth in Washington, DC.  Read the facts below and take action:

Read the New Health Standards (pdf file)


The following standards are on pages 9 and 10:
6th grade: (6.1.6)Explain that people, regardless of biological sex, gender, ability, sexual orientation, gender identity and culture, have sexual feeling and the need for love, affection and physical intimacy
8th grade:  (8.1.5) Define sexual orientation, using correct terminology, and explain that as people grow and develop, they may begin to feel romantically and or sexually attracted to people of a different gender and/or to people of the same gender



 Commentary and Analysis by ULTRA Teen Choice co-founder Richard Urban  Letters from Chancellor Michelle Rhee, Mayor Adrian Fenty, & others

Letter to the Editor of the Washington Times re Adam Tenner 

Letter From Michelle Rhee explaining why ULTRA Teen Choice was                                                                                    kicked out of DC Public Schools: June 2008

Letter to the Editor of the Washington Times re Merit Pay Editorial 

Letter from Mayor Fenty that ULTRA Teen Choice is Kicked Out

Letter from Michelle Rhee Banning ULTRA Teen Choice from DC Public Schools

Letter to the Editor of the Washington Times re AIDS Amnesia

Tina May Email (Tina May is the Stuart-Hobson Middle School parent representative on the Local School Restructuring Team, or LSRT)  This is the only statement an LSRT member has issued regarding why the ULTRA Teen Choice program was cancelled at Stuart-Hobson, other than the email below from Rachel Kimboko)

 Mayor Fenty Plays Hardball With Youth Programs

Emails From Local School Restructuring Team and the Chancellor's Office(A list of the LSRT members was never received, as requested,  and Principal Bandon Eatman says he does not have it either.  DC School regulations require a copy of the minutes of the LSRT to be in the school office and the school library, but on November 30th, no information was available in either location.)

 Response to Michelle Rhee Letter 07-08-2008

Metro Teen AIDS Email

Letter to Mayor Fenty Requesting an Investigation

Save DC Rally Press Release

Response to Michelle Rhee Email 2007-12-12

 The Real Deal About Discrimination in Washington DC

Michelle Rhee Letter

Testimony By Richard Urban at the hearing on the proposed health education standards:  11-18-07

Response to Proposed Health Education Standards: 2007-11-19

 Additional Comments for the Board of Education

Hidden Agenda for New District of Columbia Health Education Standards

Media Coverage

The New Fundamentalists

By Joesph Loconte The Weekly Standard: 12-19-07

Press Release: 2007-11-28

Read the text of the petition to the mayor, City Council, and Board of Education here.

 Make your voice heard now, Let's give Washington DC public school students the choice to have a program that encourages and supports them in their decision to stay abstinent.