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Urban Family Life Success Training Report

Update on forced vaccination in Washington DC and West Virginia
President Trump Comments on Big Pharma Price Gouging


Greetings,   August 18, 2019

Urban Family Life Success Training Report

Urban Life Success and Happiness Training Workshop

Urban Life Training held its first Family Life Success Training at the new Peace Kingdom Center in historic Harpers Ferry, WV.  The 12 attendees participated in spirited discussion, enjoyed exquisite mountain top views and learned both practical and God's Word based lessons.

We also heard several testimonies, including how Patrick Kityo and Sarah Urban experienced God in their meeting and Blessing of Marriage. Another testimony was shared of thier own Blessing of Marriage journey by co-founders Richard and Stacey Urban.  Other activities included volley ball.

Discussions included "What are the qualities of a godly spouse".  That discussion included review o John Van Epp's RAM model from his book How to Avoid Marrying a Jerk.  One very important element not often talked about is the crucial role of sexual abstinence before marriage.  Another dicsussion was "Marital Commitment within God's Ideal of Marriage.  Scriptural readings on marriage from the words of Rev. Sun Myung Moon emphasized the important role of seuxal purity and making the commitment of marital fidelity.  Without making these commitments, we are blocked in developing the fullness of our relationship with God.

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Update on forced vaccination in Washington DC and West Virginia 

A hearing was held by the District of Columbia Council on June 26, 2019 on Bill B23-0171, Minor Consent for Vaccinations Amendment Act of 2019

Here is the bill summary - "As introduced, this bill permits a minor of any age to consent to receive a vaccine where the vaccination is recommended by the United States Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices. It also establishes that if a minor is able to comprehend the need for, the nature of, and any significant risks inherent in the medical care then informed consent is established."

What!  A minor of any age can consent to a vaccination.  This is an outrage.  What are the DC Council members thinking?  Of course, we should not be too surprised, as 12 year old girls can already get on abortion in Washington DC without parental consent!  DC residents, call and email your DC Council Members, in your Ward and at Large Councilmembers offices, to express your outrage:    You can watch the public hearing held on June 26, 2019 here:

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President Trump Comments on Big Pharma Price Gouging

On August 15th, 2019, President Trump implicated big pharma in keeping drug prices high and not giving seniors a choice to choose lower prices.  Here is what the President said:

  Our ambitious campaign to reduce the price of prescription drugs has produced the largest decline in drug prices in 51 years. The only decline in 51 years. We have launched a historic initiative to require price transparency, empowering you to choose the lowest price for yourself and for your family. Believe it or not, you didn’t have the right to go in and price your drugs. Who could even believe this? I wonder if big pharma had something to do with that.   So we’re going to have transparency.

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