Urban Life Success and Happiness Training Workshop  

Urban Life Training held its first Family Life Success Training at the new Peace Kingdom Center in historic Harpers Ferry, WV.  The 12 attendees participated in spirited discussion, enjoyed exquisite mountain top views and learned both practical and God's Word based lessons.

We also heard several testimonies, including how Patrick Kityo and Sarah Urban experienced God in their meeting and Blessing of Marriage. Another testimony was shared of thier own Blessing of Marriage journey by co-founders Richard and Stacey Urban.  Other activities included volley ball.

Discussions included "What are the qualities of a godly spouse".  That discussion included review o John Van Epp's RAM model from his book How to Avoid Marrying a Jerk.  One very important element not often talked about is the crucial role of sexual abstinence before marriage.  Another dicsussion was "Marital Commitment within God's Ideal of Marriage.  Scriptural readings on marriage from the words of Rev. Sun Myung Moon emphasized the important role of seuxal purity and making the commitment of marital fidelity.  Without making these commitments, we are blocked in developing the fullness of our relationship with God.

Peer Counseling and Learning Assertiveness Techniques video clips followed by role playing were a fun and helpful part of the workshop.  Middle School and High School Club manuals were reviewed, and the Celebration of Purity was reviewed.  All in all, this workship provided a tremendous resource for parents, youth adults and teens.

Some comments made are "I got ideas on how to reach out to the youth through clubs, skits, etc". "I found  all the facts to be very enlightening and cool.  It really showed how much better it is to stay abstinent.  I also found Mr. Urban's efforts to be very valuable."  "I find the physical statistics and the spiritual meaning very important for everyone to learn.".

Valuable points were "Recognition of the importance of sexual purity before marriage.
The Original Purpose for sex (God's point of view)
Restoration of human beings, parental lineage."