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Aim for Success Inc. a is Dallas, TX based non-profit  and it has received the funding back for their Xtreme Abstinence Program in Corpus Christi, TX for this school year September 2016-June 2017 and beyond.  Corpus Christi is a coastal city located in Southeast, TX. Xtreme Abstinence Program presents an hour long presentation of facts about STDs, condoms why you should be abstinent and shows graphic images of Human Papilloma Virus (HPV) and Herpes infections on male and female genitalia. The definition for Genitalia means the organ for reproduction.  The funding for Aim for Success Inc. and the Xtreme Abstinence Program was cut in Corpus Christi in 2006. Parents are allowed to opt their teenager out of this program.  The Xtreme Abstinence Program is taught from middle through to high school now in Corpus Christi.

Some of the facts that this programs presents:

1.       “1,500 teen girls get pregnant every day in the U.S.”

2.        “10,000 teenagers get STDs every day”. Most teens do not have symptoms.

3.       “1 out 2 sexually active young people will acquire an STD before age 25.”

4.       HPV is the #1 cause of throat cancer. You can also get HPV from Oral Sex.

Aim for Success Inc.  was founded by Marilyn Morris in 1993. Marilyn Morris found out she was pregnant at age seventeen. She and her boyfriend decided to get married at ages of 17 and 18. From this experience Marilyn and her husband Charles have passion and have helped young people to stay abstinent.  The organization has helped over 2 million teens, parents and educators.   I do not recommend getting married at ages of 17 and 18. Marilyn is also very lucky that her boyfriend did not leave her. “Eight out ten teen dads do not marry the mother of their child.” Remember teens it’s never too late to become sexually abstinent. I recommend marrying in your early to mid-twenties.